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🌏 Have quality products provided so you’re not having to continually search for the latest fad.

🌏 Have multiple income streams. If you only receive income on direct sales, you’re really only a commissioned based sales person… In my view.

🌏 Ensure there’s no profit share. As a business owner you should be paid upfront retaining all profit.

🌏 Sell bigger ticket items. The process to generate a sale of $50 often requires the same effort as generating a $5000 sale.

🌏 Time Freedom… everyone’s wanting to create it. Find a global 24/7 business where you can choose a time zone desirable to you. Full time or Part Time.

🌏 Choose a business that doesn’t require you to tap into an existing network of family and friends. Customers and leads should be contacting you.

🌏 Don’t become your own best customer. In other words, don’t find yourself in a position where you have to continually buy product to retain your qualification.

🌏 Check that your trainer and mentor will be providing their personal contact details. Are they likely to be supporting you in years to come?

🌏 Is your trainer and mentor actually a successful entrepreneur/business owner in their own right?

🌏 Training should be structured for the complete novice.

🌏 Ensure there are structured systems in place and that training and setup is provided in a logical and methodical order. You should never be left wondering what you need to do next.

🌏 If like me, you have a passion for travel, check that the business can actually be conducted from any where with a laptop and phone.

🌏 Consider the tax benefits of being self employed and a business owner. For example; can travel be a legitimate tax expense in the chosen business?

🌏 Find a business with a solid track record.

🌏 Much of “The Work” should be automated by proprietary systems.

🌏 Look for social proof. This is often best determined watching live podcasts where comments can be viewed live and unedited. 

Myles Forsyth

I'm Myles Forsyth. I have been self employed pretty well all of my working life. I've built a number of businesses with a 120 employees over four different locations. 

All my previous business have been bricks and mortar investments with high overheads... Knowing what I know now, I will never return to traditional business.

Eight years ago I changed direction dramatically with my main goal being to create time freedom. I now work totally online and will never return to traditional business.

Generating pocket money has never been my goal.

 I've compiled a list that I hope assists you in assessing and comparing opportunities. It's not written in any particular order and it's not an exhaustive checklist. Enter your details to learn more about the opportunity I offer.

What's your workplace look like?

A snapshot of my last twelve months is below

This short video is to introduce me, so I'm not a complete stranger to you. I hope you find some value in it.