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"I'm looking for motivated individuals with a good work ethic and a strong desire to be financially independent"

Myles Forsyth

I'm Myles Forsyth. I have been self employed pretty well all of my working life. I've built a number of businesses and had 120 employees over four different locations. I'm not degree qualified but my successes come from my energy, a willingness to learn and from my entrepreneurial spirit. The GFC and no time freedom caused me to reassess what I was working for. I closed my businesses in 2012 to pursue my dream of full time travel. At 58 years old, I no longer have a desire to own traditional business with a fixed address, trading hours, stock, staff etc. 

In 2016 I started an online business. I'm now in a position to offer a self-employment position where I will work closely with you to help build your own business. With products, systems and state of the art training already established, things can happen quickly. Although there will be no profit share, in the short term I'll have a financial incentive to help ensure your success.


1800 485 4017

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1800 485 4017 

"For those that no longer have a desire to be in traditional business with a fixed address, trading hours, stock, staff etc"

Privacy Guaranteed

�� Gives you the freedom to choose the amount of time you put in

�� Provides the flexibility to operate while away from home

�� Requires a relatively small investment

�� Offers an extraordinary product that helps people grow and create the life they desire

�� Be self-employed but partnered with an incredible organization

�� Provides comprehensive training via a series of videos

�� Ongoing support and interactive training calls

�� Personal one on one training

�� A “turnkey” business, meaning the products, processes, systems, mentoring and support are already established.

�� Prior business and ONLINE experience is not at all necessary

�� LEADS contact you. No cold calling

�� Being an independent distributor with no profit share.